Westboro Baptist Church Accidentally Condemns Ivory Coast In Anti-Gay Marriage Flag Fail

Westboro Baptist Church Troll Wrong Country In Anti-Gay Marriage Fail

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has inadvertently declared its hatred of the Ivory Coast, after printing the Irish flag backwards on its placards.

The controversial religious group - famous for their homophobic attacks and hate-filled speeches - took to Twitter to share photos of its members protesting the monumental yes vote in the Irish Gay Marriage Referendum last week.

But there was a problem – the colours of the flags were reversed to orange, white and green - transforming the flag from that of Ireland, to that of the Ivory Coast .

WBC took to Twitter to defend their actions and generally troll Ireland and Ivory Coast, by sending out a tweet saying, 'now you mention it, God DOES hate the Ivory Coast'.

The WBC's hatred of Ireland hasn't just come about since the gay marriage referendum. In a video released in 2013, WBC members poorly attempted to dance the Irish jig, while singing 'God hates Ireland' in cartoon-like squeals. They're now boasting this video was a prediction of the result of the referendum.

They've also previously picketed the funerals of dead US soldiers and murdered children, blaming their deaths on the tolerance of homosexuality in the US.

The WBC continue to spread their hate messages far and wide with their collection of websites, God Hates The World, which helpfully serves as a launchpad to find your country and exactly why God might hate you.


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