irish referendum

This decade has been defined by social movements. We’ve seen same-sex marriage legalised around the world, Ireland’s abortion referendum, and the introduction of what it means to go viral - while campaigns like Black Lives Matter and Me Too have brought the fight for change to the forefront of the world’s attention.
'There are three crucial votes on Brexit coming up...'
Ireland’s laws force women to find substantial sums of money and travel to unfamiliar cities and doctors, at a time when they should be treated with compassion
Abortion is not the product of a new relatively sexually liberated society. It is the product of a powerful age-old desire to be the master of your own life
Ireland's landmark decision to vote in favour or same-sex marriage sent significant ripples throughout the more than 70 million making up the Irish diaspora in the US. "As a gay man myself i have suffered the brunt of homophobia on the streets of Dublin"."
A senior official from the Vatican has called Ireland's monumental yes vote in the gay marriage referendum a "defeat for
The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has inadvertently declared its hatred of the Ivory Coast, after printing the Irish flag
Never short of an opinion, and in one of his more perky reflections to date, Morrissey has suggested that the same-sex marriage
It's a good week to be a presenter on the BBC and Sky rolling news channels - they'll get paid do do very little as the usual