Westboro Baptist Church

My punishment for wearing a bikini was to be the sole target of a massive, coordinated verbal firing squad that had but one purpose – to tear me down
Donald Trump is infamous for his outrageously extreme views - but when even the Westboro Baptist Church is describing him
Westboro Baptist Church: 'The most hated family in America' - famed and vilified for picketing at the funerals of innocent
High-school students have successfully scared away Westboro Baptist Church picketers after the religious hate-group turned
As if you needed another reason to love the Foo Fighters they go and do this... Yup, Dave Grohl and co just Rick Rolled the
NEW YORK -- The Westboro Baptist Church boasts a brief cameo in the recently released trailer for "Batman v Superman: Dawn
SEE ALSO: Westboro Baptist Church Just Tried To Troll JK Rowling And Lost Spectacularly Dumbledore And Gandalf Are Getting
Two famous wizards are set to marry each other over the road from the Westboro Baptist Church after the radical group taunted
Undeterred at such stupidity, the Harry Potter author then set about... well, just read it... Bravo... And their defence
Not to mention this gem. And WBC are far from the first to attempt to take Rowling down and fail. In the aftermath of the