'Point Break' Remake Trailer Is Panned Online - 12 Other Remakes That The Critics Hated (PICS)

12 Films They Probably Shouldn't Have Bothered Remaking

The problem when you’re trying to remake a classic film is that the stakes are already sky-high, so it’s very easy for the result to be a crushing disappointment.

When done right - such as with ‘The Parent Trap’, ‘True Grit’ or even ‘Hairspray’ - your remake can end up being a hit, or even cited as better than the original.

Sadly, however, good remakes are few and far between, and since no one wants to see their favourite classic film done wrong, reviews can often be particularly scathing when directors take it upon themselves to give films a spruce-up for a modern audience.

‘Point Break’ - the 1991 cult classic, starring Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey - is the latest film to be given a modern update, much to the chagrin of many many Twitter users, but it’s not the only remake that viewers and critics have given a rough time.

Here are 12 more of the most poorly-received rebooted films ever...

The Stepford Wives (2004)

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