Milla Jovovich Shares Precious Photos Of Newborn Daughter's Baptism on Instagram

Milla Jovovich kept a relatively low profile during her pregnancy, but since the birth of her second child in April, she's given us a sneak peek into baby Dashiel's first month.

The 39-year-old actress gave birth to her second daughter, Dashiel Edan on 1 April. She is also mother to seven-year-old Ever Gabo Anderson.

Since the birth Dashiel, the Resident Evil actress has been sharing intimate moments - most recently her daughter's baptism - on her Instagram account.

Jovovich was quick to thank her photographer, Maria Grazia Bruna.

"Her pics are just gorgeous!" she wrote on the post below.

The star also shared a photo of her two daughters together, "so peaceful and spiritual" she added to the photo.

But it's not only Dashiel's baptism she has documented on the photo-posting app.

Jovovich has shared many other photos of her newborn over the past four weeks, and starting her very own hashtag: #Dashiel.

Good morning!😆 #Dashiel #smushyface #babydiary #ladiary

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Smush. #smushyface #Dashiel #seriousnaptime #babydiary #ladiary

A photo posted by Milla Jovovich (@millajovovich) on

Good morning!👀 Smushy Face decided to open her eyes! #ifoundafraggleinmybed #Dashiel #ladiary

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The star was quick to post a photo when Dashiel was born, introducing her not only to the world, but the world of the Internet, too!

We love cute baby photos, keep 'em coming, Jovovich!

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