'Big Brother': Aaron Removed From House For 'Inappropriate Behaviour', After 'Flashing' Incident

Why Has Aaron Been REMOVED From The 'BB' House?

Aaron Frew has been removed from the ‘Big Brother’ house, over what has been deemed 'inappropriate behaviour'.

The model was ejected from this year’s series on Thursday morning, after repeatedly flashing his fellow housemate, Joel Williams, during a boozy night in the house.


Channel 5 have confirmed that this week’s eviction will go ahead as planned, with four housemates being booted out as part of the ‘Timebomb’ twist, only to be replaced by four shiny new contestants immediately afterwards.

Aaron Frew has been removed from the 'Big Brother' house

On Wednesday, despite Joel’s protestations for Aaron to “behave himself”, he continued to tease and flash his housemate, to the amusement of other members of the group, leading to his removal from the house the following morning.

Producers have said that Joel did not complain to Big Brother about the incident, and decided that the right thing to do was to remove Aaron from the house, over his unacceptable conduct.

Since leaving the house, Aaron has posted a tweet thanking the show for the “amazing opportunity” of being a housemate, adding: “[I] will never forget it!”

Last January, two separate contestants on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ were kicked out due to what was deemed “unacceptable behaviour”, while several others were given formal warnings.

‘Coronation Street’ actor Ken Morley was removed due to repeatedly using offensive language, while Jeremy Jackson was asked to leave after an incident in a toilet, where he pulled open Chloe Goodman’s dressing gown away from the view of the ‘CBB’ cameras.

In previous years, 'Big Brother' has seen several housemates kicked out of the series for their behaviour, such as Dennis McHugh, who spat on a fellow housemate during 'Big Brother 9', and Daley Ojuederie, who was taken out for his threatening behaviour towards Hazel O'Sullivan.

The incident leading up to Aaron's exit will air on tonight's show at 10pm on Channel 5.

Aaron Frew

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