Tiny Biosensor Implant Can Analyse Blood Without The Need For Needles


If you're particularly prone to swooning at the sight of needles or blood, a new tiny chip is here to help.

Touted as a non-invasive way of analysing blood by a team of researchers from Switzerland, the bionsensor might just be the news trypanophobes have been waiting for.

It's a centimetre long and measures a whole host of metrics including the pH and temperature of blood as well as the presence of molecules such as glucose and cholesterol.

Developed by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, the chip is inserted underneath the skin and transmits the data to your phone while being powered by a battery that sits on the skin.

Aside from being less terrifying than needles, the chip also makes for a more accurate reading of blood as it delivers its results almost immediately unlike our current labs that take days to analyse blood tests.

The chip has already been tested on mice and researchers say it'll take three to five years for it to undergo human trials.

Dr. Sandro Carrara who presented the research in Lisbon said: "Knowing the precise and real-time effect of drugs on the metabolism is one of the keys to the type of personalised, precision medicine that we are striving for."

If and when it comes to Britain, it'll probably serve to create swoon-free A&Es around the country.

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