blood test

The "game-changer" Galleri blood test may be able to spot more than 50 types of cancer years before diagnosis.
Sweets, a favourite teddy and a cuddle proved the magic formula when my eight-year-old needed a blood test.
The blood tests – which can tell whether someone has had Covid-19 – were previously described by prime minister Boris Johnson as “game-changing”.
Superdrug is the first high street retailer to announce it will be selling a coronavirus antibody test for £69.
'It’s capturing something preclinical, before any diseases present themselves.'
The first three months after my HIV diagnosis were a blur - so much has changed that it's almost unimaginable to look back and understand how I was feeling
'This is potentially the holy grail of cancer research.'
Approximately between 11-17 children are diagnosed with the most common form of childhood dementia each year
As well as traditional risk factors such as smoking and diet.