"Simply being a man who has sex with men is not a good enough reason to exclude someone from donating blood."
Immunity in the UK is “waning quite rapidly”, a new study suggests. Here's what that means.
Climate change activists used a fire engine to spray red paint at the front of the Treasury. They did end up losing control of the hose but afterwards, stood atop the fire engine with a banner reading "Stop Funding Climate Death"
'Recent studies suggest that blood type O could be a potential risk factor for haemorrhage.'
Hepatitis C is not a visible virus. It disproportionately affects disadvantaged and marginalised communities, with almost
Creating ads for feminine hygiene products seems to have been one of those areas with an unwritten rule and etiquette that prevents marketers and designers from directly addressing an apparently awkward and taboo topic.
A blocked storage tank line caused the gruesome sight.
When patients receive blood transfusions, they need blood closely matched to their own. This is most likely to come from a donor of the same ethnicity. And with sickle cell affecting predominantly those of African and Caribbean decent, it means they need blood from black donors.
We may now be away from the blue liquid, and instead are focusing on empowering women; however, Bodyform and Always (and Tampax) please empower women even further by making sure you #smashshame around menstruation as well.
With snow finally falling in parts of UK, many are feeling cold to their core but what most people don't know is that cold