Watch This Guy Test An Experimental Bulletproof Groin Protector

Man Proves He Has Balls Of Steel By Quite Literally Being Shot In The Balls

Now there are plenty of people who claim to have 'balls of steel' and while we won't go into the particulars, almost all of them have got nothing on this guy.

Jeremiah Raber is the madman inventor of what claims to be the strongest jockstrap in the world - the Nutshellz. Built using kevlar this ballistic ball-protector is designed for police officers, soldiers and SWAT teams.

Hailing from Missouri the 38-year old inventor came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be fair to sell his product unless he swore by it himself.

So he did the only thing that could be done in the situation, he got a friend to shoot him in the balls.

Incredibly Raber seems positively happy about the whole ordeal despite the fact that in about 3 minutes he could be lying on the floor screaming in pain and wondering where it all went a bit wrong for him.

Well if you can bare to watch, you'll see that it doesn't all go horribly wrong, instead he survives and proves that his product actually works.


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