LBC Talkback Caller Explains Why Women Should Be Banned From Driving During Incredible Radio Interview

A man claiming to be a member of a London Orthodox Jewish community has taken to the radio to explain why women should not be allowed to drive.

The caller to LBC Radio was defending reports that a sect in the north of the capital had banned female members from driving cars as it contravenes "the traditional rules of modesty in our camp".

As the incredulous host, Iain Dale listened to the call, the man who called himself Joshua, described why such a draconian move was needed.

He said: "In order to understand this concept of not having ladies driving, you have to understand the general culture. In Orthodox Jewish culture, purity of the family is paramount.

"The number one thing that every couple wants to accomplish is to have the purest future generations. To get that there are guidelines.

"People will not mix with other women and we will not shake hands with women and if you sit on a plane you try not to sit next to a stranger.

"It's not a lack of respect, it's to avoid any chance of the slightest temptation."

To which Dale replied: "Well be a stronger character then, that's would I would say."

And this was just the beginning of the heated exchange. To listen to the full clip, click the embed below.

(It should be emphasised this is obviously not a view held by all British orthodox Jews.)

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