Peak Daily Mail Achieved With 'Sleep Makes You Less Racist' Headline

Shutterstock / Ammentorp Photography

The Daily Mail is renowned for speculative headlines especially around the topic of what can cause cancer, but now they've hit their peak. We're not really sure if it gets much more Daily Mail than this:

Yes, apparently having a lie-in can make you more tolerant of other cultures and less misogynistic.

"I sleep for 9 hours a night, and no, it doesn't," one commenter said. "Well it makes sense - the far left are generally workshy, lazy, pink haired scroungers," another added.

One even went as far as saying: "I am starting to suspect that the DM is now using research undertaken by GCSE students." Someone also quipped: "I guess a vast majority of DM readers need more sleep! Lol"

We think a more appropriate headline might have been: Scientists prove experiments can prove anything.

Another person commenting on the article suggested: "How about 'Does sleep make you less tired?'"

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