Fifa Profits Are Incredibly High For A Non-Profit Organisation

Here's How Much 'Not For Profit' Fifa Makes In Profit Every Year

Fifa, football's world governing body, continues to make headlines this week over charges of corruption and the controversial re-election of its president, Sepp Blatter.

The organisation generates billions in revenue from TV rights and sponsorship yet describes itself as an "association of associations with a non-commercial, not for profit purpose".

But "not for profit" Fifa actually generates a significant amount of profit...

So where does this money go? Well last year Fifa paid out £26.1 million in salaries to its top 13 executives.

The organisation does not say how much it pays Sepp Blatter or other senior officials but "compensation is in line with major international and Swiss companies".

When accused of putting profits above everything else, the organisation says:

"FIFA is an association of associations with a non-commercial, not for profit purpose that uses significant funds in the pursuit of its statutory objectives, which include developing the game of football around the world, organising its own international competitions, and drawing up regulations for association football while ensuring their enforcement. So the question is: what does FIFA do with the profits from the World Cup?

"In short, all 209 member associations will benefit in equal measure. In fact, FIFA spends $550,000 USD on worldwide football development – every single day. What is more, we also spend nearly $2 million USD on organising international competitions – every single day."

Sepp Blatter, the controversial head of world football, was re-elected for a fifth time on Friday evening.

The 79-year-old Swiss defeated Jordanian Prince Ali bin al-Hussein to retain his hold on the role of Fifa President.

Blatter secured 133 votes, 4 short of the majority he would have needed to win without a second-ballot, but Prince al-Hussein withdrew his candidacy after only winning 73 out of a possible 209 votes, making Blatter the winner by default.

In his victory speech, he said: "I thank you, you have accepted me for the next four years. I will be in command of this boat of Fifa. We will bring it back off shore.

"I take full responsibility to bring back Fifa. We can do it and I am convinced we can do it.

"We won’t touch the World Cup. I am a faithful man - God, Allah, whoever, they will help us to bring back this Fifa. At the end of my (four year) term, I will give Fifa to my successor. It will be robust.

"Now I am the president of everybody, I am the president of the whole Fifa.

"I like you. I like my job. I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Together we go. Let’s go Fifa! Let’s go Fifa!"


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