Angry Butcher Repeatedly Calls Cyclist A 'C***' In Remarkable Road Rage Dispute In Richmond

Cyclist Repeatedly Called A 'C***' By Angry Butcher In Road Rage Dispute

A cyclist is repeatedly called a “c***” in an astonishing three-minute road rage clip uploaded to YouTube on Monday.

The brouhaha, involving a Ray Winston look-a-like and an unseen cyclist with mounted camera, took place in Richmond Park, London, earlier this year, with the driver of the 4x4 accusing his two-wheeled nemesis of not using “the f*cking cycle lane.”

The driver, identified on Monday by the Twickenham and Richmond Times as London master butcher Jason Wells, threatens to “f*cking kill” the cyclist before informing him that he'd "f*cking eat him for breakfast." The driver then calls the cyclist a "simple c***" -- all while wearing an extremely tight leather jacket.

The cyclist can be heard telling the driver to likewise “move your car you ignorant scum.” Fortunately, nether party came to blows. Remarkably, Wells appears to have hired a PR agency to handle fallout from the incident, with a Samphire Communications spokeswoman telling the local paper, “There will be no comment at this time.

Expect to see the “angry butcher” on next year's "Big Brother".


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