According to Cycling Weekly, October saw a significant number of cyclists killed or injured as a result of collisions with
The clocks going back on Sunday could cost hundreds of children's lives on UK roads in winter. Research by road safety company SmartWitness has shown that if we abolished putting the clocks back and persisted with British Summer Time throughout the whole year we would significantly reduce road casualties to pedestrians, cyclists and especially school-children.
"Instead of a zombie apocalypse, it's a fucking kangaroo... i'm kinda terrified" were the words of an Australian cyclist
A cyclist is repeatedly called a “c***” in an astonishing three-minute road rage clip uploaded to YouTube on Monday. The
You don't have to be a racing driver, skier or cyclist to get subdural haematomas. It can occur after a minor head injury, especially among the elderly. I am about to turn 70 so I am now in the category of the Grey Panthers.
Essex Police are hoping to identify a cyclist who filmed himself being run over and assaulted so they can investigate the
Despite a growing network of cycle routes in the UK, many people choose to ride on roads instead of using the purpose built infrastructure. So WHY do so many cyclists shun cycle paths in favour of roads?
Let's get one thing clear: following people around supermarkets checking out their arse is a bad idea, and you know this. But just this once won't hurt, you tell yourself. I'll keep a safe distance this time, you reason. It's only really stalking if they see you, you decide. You are wrong on all counts, but there's no stopping you now is there?
A cyclist has been killed in a collision with a lorry at a junction with a history of accidents. Today's incident, at 10am
'A wall of death' to remember cyclists killed on London's streets was unveiled by campaigners on Wednesday, as they called