Stunning 'Jellyfish' UFO Caught On Camera By Dutch Photographer

Photographer Captures The Most Stunning UFO We've Ever Seen

There's not often a moment when we're left utterly stumped but this is one of them.

Dutch photographer Harry Perton was out wandering around sundown taking pictures when he suddenly noticed a flash through his eyepiece.

At first thinking it might have been a bolt of lightning the photographer went back home and checked the files on his camera.

What he found truly shocked him. Unsure as to whether it was a UFO or something more meteorological the stunning image is actually not the first instance of a shape like this being seen.

Known as 'jellyfish' UFOs this type of anomaly has been caught before with some even suggesting that the objects could be 'aliens' who absorb light above the clouds.

Mr Perton however is NOT one of those people, firmly believing that the image is rooted in cold hard science, whether it's a meteorological anomaly or simply a case of chance lens flare.


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