'Big Brother': Chloe Wilburn Brands Simon Gross A 'Snake' In Furious Rant (PICS)

Chloe Blows Her Top In The 'BB' House

The usually-laidback Chloe Wilburn blew her top in Thursday night’s ‘Big Brother’, after learning that Simon Gross had been talking about her behind her back in the Diary Room.


As part of this week’s shopping task, Jack McDermott, Joel Williams, Sam Kay and Jade Lynch were allowed to call a housemate of their choice into the Diary Room, and ask them a series of questions, without their knowledge, while watching them on the plasma screen.

First of all, they chose to ask Simon which of the housemates he thought didn’t deserve a place in the final - to which he explained that Chloe shouldn’t make it through because she’s “lazy”.

Chloe tells Simon exactly what she thinks of him

After hearing about this from the rest of the group, Chloe went for Simon in full view of the rest of the housemates, particularly as he’d previously told her she was a worthy winner because she was young and had her whole life ahead of her.

Chloe told Simon not to “come snaking around me”, before branding him a “bitch” and untrustworthy, all in full view of the rest of the group, who all had her back.

The group confront Simon

Simon was later shown crying after the incident, telling Eileen Daly that he was crying “for real”, adding: “Look, there’s tears.”

In one of the series’ more memorable quotes, Eileen then urged Simon to get out of bed, telling him: “There are people starving out there, there are dogs being skinned alive, there are wars… places…”


Either Eileen or Joel will be leaving the ‘Big Brother’ house in Friday night’s live eviction, after being put up for the public vote by newcomers Sam and Simon.

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