This Hoverbike Should Replace All Cars Immediately

This Hoverbike Should Replace All Cars Immediately

The first manned hoverbike, Flike has taken flight in an airfield in Hungary and it could be changing the way we commute to work.

This incredible James Bondesque vehicle is intended to be an 'all-electric personal flight device' that uses six rotors to stay in the air.

While the bike is not intended for long trips on the motorway designers say it is supposed to do 'around 15-20 minutes of hover flight, that extends towards 30-40 minutes in cruise.'

The bike's speed can be adjusted by controlling the individual rotors and its creators claim it behaves like any other helicopter as it is able to 'hover, roll, bank, drift, spin, yaw, climb, turn, sidle, dive…'

Designed by a team of flight enthusiasts at Hungarian research institute Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd, the personal tricopter uses antigravity technology and produces zero emissions.

During the first flight test in March Flike was reportedly able to carry a weight of 210kg and stay in the air for several seconds.

In April, the bike did another manned test where it supported a higher weight of 240kg and maintained a longer flight period.

While it may take some time before the hoverbike replaces our ride into work, this latest test does pose exciting possibilities for human flight and indeed our own personal transportation options.


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