Inventor Colin Furze Creates Knife That Toasts Bread While You Cut It

Colin Furze is a man that looks at fictional objects and asks: "Why?"

Why should the knife that toasts bread while you cut it remain just fictional? He couldn't see a good enough reason, so he made one, and it works.

Ever since seeing Trillian produces the 'lightsaber' toasting knife in 'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' we've been wondering why we have to put up with the crumb-magnets that are conventional toasters.

Thankfully in a special requests episode of Furze's much-loved YouTube series, one such reader finally asked him if he could make one and of course, Furze obliged.

The concept is remarkably simple. You take a strong cutting blade and pass an extremely high current through it, the blade then heats up to its maximum temperature and there you have it.

Furze goes on to point out that because the blade is so hot you can use it as the ultimate butter knife as well swiftly dealing with that common problem of leaving butter in the fridge.