Kate Garraway Flashes Susanna Reid And Ben Shephard On ‘Good Morning Britain'... But Only To Reveal One Direction T-Shirt

Kate Garraway left ‘Good Morning Britain’ co-hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard speechless on Monday’s (8 June) show after flashing them live on air.


But the presenter isn't about to be done for indecent exposure, as she was simply showing off her One Direction T-shirt, rather than giving her colleagues an eyeful.

Kate Garraway fleshes Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid

Kate was keen to demonstrate to Susanna and Ben just how much she enjoyed the 1D’s set at the Capital Summertime Ball on Saturday.

"I was there with my daughter and her friend Pearl who looked quite normal but I'm screaming like a lunatic," the mum-of-two revealed.

As Andi Peters urged her to show everyone what she was hiding under her jacket, there was nervous laughter in the studio as she began unbuttoning.

"Hang on, I thought you were dressed in your professional newsroom outfit," Susanna asked.

"I've known you for how many years? I'm not sure I want to go this far,” added Ben.

Kate reveals her One Direction t-shirt

The pair were relieved when she revealed the commemorative T-shirt, which was the first to not feature recently departed member Zayn Malik.

“I can only see the top two,” Ben quipped, cheekily referring to Kate’s chest.

"I feel slightly uncomfortable." he added.

You and us both, Ben.

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