Susanna Reid Rejects Piers Morgan's Offer Of A Hug In Awkward ‘Good Morning Britain' Exchange (VIDEO)

Errrm, No Piers, Susanna DOESN'T Want A Hug

Susanna Reid isn’t about to put up with any nonsense from guest ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter Piers Morgan - and on Thursday’s show she proved it.


Susanna and Piers were discussing Coronation Street’s plans for a big send off for Anne Kirkbride's character Deidre Barlow, when Piers starting ribbing his co-host.

"I can see you in the Rovers Return," he told Susanna. "Pulling a pint, being a bit stroppy, taking no nonsense.”

"A bit stroppy?" Susanna fumed. "I'm sorry, do I get a bit of niceness before 8.30 this morning?"

Cue Piers leaning in for a hug with his arms outstretched, saying: "Come here."

At which point, a clearly peeved Susanna flinches and pulls away from him.

Piers Morgan 0, Susanna Reid 1


And it’s not just Susanna who isn’t a fan of Piers’ unique presenting style.

After making his debut on the sofa this week, he’s received mixed reviews from viewers on Twitter.

Whilst some loved his breakfast TV debut…

Others weren’t such big fans...

Susanna Reid

Susanna Reid


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