Rare Twin Tornado Storm In Colorado Caught By Storm Chasing Photographer

This Single Image Sums Up The Terrifying Power Of Nature

Kelly DeLay is either one of the luckiest people alive or one of the most unfortunate. We say the latter because he got to witness nature at its most terrifying.

A photo posted by Kelly DeLay (@kellydelay) on

This is a supercell storm being created over Colorado - one massive swirling abyss that has created not one, but two tornadoes.

While it looks like something out of a Roland Emmmerich disaster film this supercell was very real and very very scary.

Of course for Kelly it's just work as usual. The Webby Award winning photographer makes chasing these natural titans a profession and has been chasing storms for years.

In fact as you can see from his Instagram posts, this is not the first time that DeLay has had a run-in with nature at its most rowdy.

A photo posted by Kelly DeLay (@kellydelay) on


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