Katie Hopkins Doesn't Get The Fury Over Kay Burley's Alton Towers Interview

Kay Burley Finds An Ally Amid Anger Over 'Bullying' Alton Towers Interview

Nick Varney, the chief executive of Merlin Entertainments, which owns the theme park, appeared on the channel in the wake of the accident on the The Smiler ride, which left 16 people injured and saw one victim’s leg amputated.

Kay Burley was criticised for her interview with Nick Varney, the CEO of the company which owns Alton Towers

On Monday, amid news teenager Leah Washington had her left leg amputated above the knee following the crash, Hopkins, who is often branded a bully herself, tweeted her support at Burley.

17-year-old Leah Washington was one of four victims airlifted to hospital following the crash. On Monday it emerged she has lost a leg

She wrote: “Given a young girl lost her leg during the Alton Towers incident, I can’t understand why so may were outraged by the Kay Burley interview.”

The 17-year-old from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, was at the park on a first date with fellow victim Joe Pugh when the accident occured.

Varney has described the incident as a “terrible event”.

He added: "We are very aware of the impact it will have on those involved and we are doing all we can to provide our support to those injured and their families.

"We closed the park immediately whilst preliminary investigations took place and to give our staff time to come to terms with the accident and its aftermath.

"In recent days our management team have been engaged in a thorough review of our operating and safety procedures before making this decision."

Of the news Washington had had her leg amputated, he vowed the park will: "Provide full support to all of those involved now, and throughout their recovery and rehabilitation".

The theme park reopened to the public on Monday, though The Smiler ride remains closed.

The Smiler ride at an empty Alton Towers can be seen from the air as the attraction is closed to the public today following yesterday's accident on The Smiler ride. Staffordshire, England. June 3 2015. Alton Towers theme park could remain closed for days

16 Four Hurt In Alton Towers Rollercoaster Crash


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