‘Love Island': Jess Denies Having Sex With Josh, As Jonathan And Hannah Get Close

Love Island's Jess Reveals What REALLY Happened With Josh

Love Island’ viewers were left shocked when the first episode of the newly relaunched reality show featured contestants Jessica Hayes and Joshua Ritchie getting intimate in the shared bedroom.


However, Jess has sent the record straight on exactly what happened, insisting she did not sleep with her fellow islander.

Jess tells the girls what happened with Josh

Jess was quizzed by Hannah Elizabeth the morning after, as she told her co-star: “I had a cheeky little feel. I just wanted to check for size. It was nice. Just testing the water.

“Obviously you’ve got to make them wait but you’ve got to test the water because if it’s small you’ve got to worry.”

Later Jess chatted to the other girls and insisted she would make Josh wait before things went any further.

“I don’t want to do that straight away,” she said.

Jess got up close and personal with Josh on the second night

“I don’t want to give a bloke what he wants but obviously we fancy each other so there was a bit of snogging. It was hard not to do anything. You can’t sleep with a guy straight away. That’s wrong. It’s not a good look.”

Meanwhile, things heated up between Hannah and her man Jonathan Clark, as the pair headed off on their first date together.

Hannah and Jonathan share their first kiss

As they lay on a romantic beach sipping champagne, Jonathan confessed the extent of his feelings for Hannah.

“You’re the only girl in the room. It don’t matter if there’s any other girls in the room, they don’t bother me, it’s just you. I like that,” he said.

“I genuinely do like you. I’m happy because I’m sitting on a beach. I’m drinking some moody champagne, and you’re literally looking like ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’.

As Hannah also said that he was her type, Jonathan hailed them as the “new Posh and Becks of Essex”, before leaning in for a kiss.

When the pair returned to the villa, Jonathan told his fellow Islanders: “I think you’re going to see the first marriage in Love Island,” while Hannah told the girls: “To go on a first date like that was dead romantic. We might have a little smooch tonight. Let’s see what goes down.”

Find out what happens next on Monday night's ‘Love Island’, airing at 9pm, on ITV2.

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