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10 Things That The Opposite Sex Will Never Understand

There are always moments when members of the opposite sex leave us well and truly baffled - whether that's men spending hours on the loo or women and their mind-boggling menstrual cycles.

So what happens when you ask the internet (aka Reddit) to reveal what members of the opposite sex will never, ever understand?

Ladies and gents, feast your eyes on this...

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Things that men will never understand, according to women

1. The horror of feeling a sneeze coming on when you're on your period.

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2. Being able to somehow be a size 0 and also a size 8 because women's clothing sizes are completely arbitrary.

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3. Shaving. We have to shave SO MUCH, because a lot of us are just as furry as you are...

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4. How incredibly horny you get on your period yet it is too messy to have enjoyable sex.

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5. Having to worry about blood soaking your underwear and pants.

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6. I seriously have no fucking clue what I want to eat for dinner.

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7. How much boobs can get in the way of everyday activities.

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8. Sometimes you don't get ready just to look good for them, sometimes you do it for yourself or for other girls.

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9. Going from being underestimated because you're a child to being underestimated because you're a woman.

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10. The pressure to look good always. Men think this is exaggerated, but they also perpetuate it which is confusing.

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Things that women will never understand, according to men

1. Sometimes there really is nothing that is bothering us.

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2. People implying that you are unfortunately stuck with your child for the day. I'm not babysitting my kid, she's mine, I'm hers, I am just being her dad.

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3. Accidental boners. Or there are some times where, despite aiming, the stream gets divided and goes everywhere.

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4. That I don't need to spend 45 minutes taking a dump, I simply want to.

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5. When your dong touches the toilet seat. Aka the witches kiss.

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6. The brotherhood that we feel from our joint experience of being hit in the balls.

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7. We get hurt by their actions/inactions too.

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8. When girls "play" punch it can hurt, when done repeatedly it hurts more.

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9. The need to reposition your balls while walking.

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10. If you give us a problem, you will get a solution. If you don't want a solution, then state that. Otherwise, we're going to try and solve the problem.

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