TFI Friday Special: The Last Time Chris Evans Debuted His Offbeat Show, The Spice Girls Dominated The Charts - What Else Was Happening?

The news that Chris Evans is returning to Channel 4 on Friday evening with his 'one-off' - so far, anyway - anniversary special of 'TFI Friday' has got us casting our minds back to that special day when the first distinctive notes of the 'Man in a Suitcase' theme were heard, and irrepressible Chris kicked off what would become unmissable yoof entertainment.

But what else was going on back then? It was the height of Britpop, Liam had yet to fall out permanently with Noel, there was no war in Iraq to march against, and we were years away from sitting down on our sofas to watch strangers sitting down on their sofas. All in all, a simpler time.

What else was new? Well...

People Making The News In 1996

TFI Friday returns on Channel 4 on Friday at 9pm. Watch the best bits of the original show here...

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