Homophobic Pastor David Manning Confronted By Angry Harlem Neighbours

Thank GOD This Homophobic Pastor's Hate Speech Is Being Drowned Out By His Neighbourhood

A Harlem neighbourhood is standing up to a pastor for displaying homophobic messages on his church's billboard.

Pastor James Manning, who discovered his devout Christian faith during a stretch in prison, used one of his most recent signs to claim: "Homosexuals are spreading disease by washing dishes."

When a group of reporters and residents confronted Manning on camera, he insisted he was spreading love, not hate.

One of the signs displayed by Pastor Manning in Harlem

Another sign reading: "All churches and members that support homos cursed be thou with cancer, HIV, syphilus, stroke, madness, itch... then hell," prompted angry residents to demand answers from Manning.

Pastor Manning being confronted outside his church in Harlem

During the heated encounter, Pastor Manning was forced to admit that he himself had experienced homosexual urges.

Manning was also taken to task for his insistence that his offensive messages are permitted under the Freedom of Speech act. "This is clearly hate speech and you are inciting violence," one woman cried.

Another sign displayed by Pastor Manning

The pastor also made controversial remarks about the "influx of white people moving to Harlem", stating on one of his billboards: "White people are moving into Harlem for 'Black Meat'."

Pastor James David Manning is confronted on his homophobic beliefs by Harlem residents

As well as delivering a stream of homophobic abuse, Pastor Manning has also found time to steer a hate campaign against President Obama, with one sign reading: "Jesus released cancer on Obama and Obama has released homo demons on America."

Pastor Manning is an ex-convict and admitted to previously having 'homosexual urges'

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