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'Jurassic World' Reviews: What Did The Critics Say About The 'Jurassic Park' Sequel?

Jurassic World

The long-awaited fourth instalment in the ‘Jurassic Park’ series, ‘Jurassic World’, is finally about the hit cinemas this weekend.


As if the amazing special effects, the drama and, the sight of Chris Pratt for an hour-and-a-half haven’t been enough to draw you in, the critics have now had their say on ‘Jurassic World’, and the reviews have been pretty positive.

Critics have largely said the same thing, ‘Jurassic World’ isn’t re-inventing the wheel when it comes to perilous action films, but that’s what makes it such an engaging and surprisingly fun film to watch, with plenty of throwbacks to its predecessors...

The Guardian

“A terrifically enjoyable and exciting summer spectacular: savvy, funny, ridiculous in just the right way… there’s an almost Gaia-ist conception of how dinosaurs might solve their own crises and in a (partial) nod to contemporary views, we get a heroine who can take out dinosaurs with a stun gun and also run very fast away from them in heels.”

The Independent

"It is a relief to report that the film (executive produced by Steven Spielberg) turns out to be every bit as preposterous as the three earlier Jurassic adventures based on Michael Crichton’s sci-fi novels. This isn’t some dry academic treatise on dinosaur cloning. It is theme park movie making which, in spite of its vast budget, has an engaging creakiness about it. Even seen in 3-D on the very biggest IMAX screen imaginable, 'Jurassic World' is a glorified B-movie at heart, one that has its tongue firmly in its cheek."

Daily Star

"Thankfully, what the film lacks in originality it makes up for with thrilling action… director Colin Trevvorow doesn’t manage to summon up an iconic moment like the rippling water glass from the first film but you can still see why Spielberg, who is credited as executive producer, hired him to helm this fourth instalment."

Us Magazine

"The groundbreaking special effects flat-out amaze. In this day in which all of California can crumble to smithereens in San Andreas thanks to CGI, it’s important to appreciate the wizardry here. The dinosaurs give the realistic appearance of sneering, breathing creatures with distinguishable personalities. (You’ll even cheer for them!) Just try not to jump out of your seat and yell each time a leaping lizard darts into the camera frame. And, heads up, they emerge from all directions. What a ride, indeed."

Radio Times

"It’s hard to think of a film that comes with more weight of expectation than Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic Park sequel/reboot, with the possible exception of JJ Abrams’ upcoming 'Star Wars: Episode VII'. The original 'Jurassic Park' is a bona fide classic, full of wonder, terror and laughs – and the two disappointing sequels proved just how difficult it is to recapture that genie in the bottle… luckily, 'Jurassic World' is a roaring return to form full of laughs, scares and inventiveness that almost (but not quite) matches the achievement of the original."


"The new and long-delayed entry into the series suffers from the usual sequelitis in that it can’t possibly re-create the sense of awestruck wonder (as seen in Laura Dern’s eyes in the original) that we felt 22 years ago, but it does succeed in taking the story to new levels... It doesn’t break new ground in this genre but it’s just plain popcorn-chomping fun."

Rolling Stone

"It's not the cynical, cash-in cheesefest you feared. OK, 'Jurassic World' is a little of that. But this state-of-the-art dino epic is also more than a blast of rumbling, roaring, "did you effing see that!" fun."

New York Times

"It’s a resolutely old-fashioned Hollywood adventure movie in many ways, but one that felt (feels) paradoxically alive because of Mr. Spielberg’s filmmaking talents and his absolute faith in movies. 'Jurassic World', by contrast, isn’t in dialogue with its cinematic reference points; it’s fossilized by them. From the first shot of a dinosaur hatching (signaling new beginnings, etc.) to one of a massive aquatic creature chowing down on a great white shark (get it?), it is clear that the only colossus that’s making the ground shake here is Steven Spielberg."

Digital Spy

"'Jurassic World' is comfortably the franchise's best sequel. This is fun, fleet-footed entertainment that's infused with the resonant "mess with nature at your peril" message at the heart of Michael Crichton's original source novel… Jurassic World was never going to be able to top the original, but it's a sensationally fun follow-up that'll please long-time fans and bring a fresh generation to the party."

'Jurassic World' hits UK cinemas on Friday, 12 June.

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