Oxford University Is To Give Its Students Lessons On How Not To Be Racist

The students' union at Oxford University is to give its students lessons on how not to be racist.

The Race 101 workshops, run by OUSU, will target first year students in the hope of eliminating racism from the university, and will start in October, the first week of the new academic year.

The announcement comes after the university's debating society Oxford Union advertised a "colonial cocktail", accompanied with an image of shackled hands.

At the time, Annie Teriba, founder of Oxford’s Black Students’ Union, said: "Apparently, it’s okay to kick back in the Union bar relishing in a ‘Colonial Comeback’ cocktail. I am horrified that the Union thinks it’s okay to trivialise centuries of oppression and racist violence in the form of a refreshing drink."

The union's black and minority ethnic officer resigned following the scandal, announcing she was "disgusted" and wanted "nothing to do with them at all".

Following the outrage, the Oxford Union passed a motion stating it was institutionally racist.

Speaking of the workshops, Marc Shi, chair of the university's campaign for racial awareness and equality society, said: "Race consciousness and anti-racism needs to be part of the way that the University is supporting its students, which is not the case right now."

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