Pour Coke Into Molten Lead And Something Beautiful Happens

It's so often the case that the best things are discovered entirely by accident. In this case, the accident was spilling some coke into a vat of boiling lead, as you do.

YouTube user 'TAOFLEDERMAUS' seems to have a lot of these 'accidents', many of them recreated for YouTube and carried out under more photogenic conditions.

Not that we're complaining because when you see the results of this experiment you'll be wondering why you don't have a bag of lead shot lying around and a can of coke.

When he pours the coke onto the boiling lead the initial explosion seems to suggest that it'll all end in a cloud of toxic fumes and sugar.

After the smoke clears though it becomes clear that there's more than meets the eye, in this case a piece of abstract art.

The coke -- in boiling off -- has left a canvas of ripples that look not unlike the surface of Jupiter.

It should be very heavily emphasised that you should obviously NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Firstly because the chances of scalding yourself increase by several magnitudes when surrounded by BOILING lead, and secondly because boiling lead gives off some pretty horrendous fumes that neither you, nor your lungs, will thank you for.

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