Travelodge Denies Puppet In Advert Is David Cameron After Many Point Out Similarity

Travelodge has been forced to clarify that a puppet featuring in its latest advert is not David Cameron.

One of the characters in the 30-second clip appears to be a man on holiday with his wife and daughter - but there’s something oddly familiar about those chinos and that high hairline…

Many people seemed to agree that there was something of a resemblance…

But a spokesman for the hotel chain said that the puppet was not intended to look like the Prime Minister.

He told the Mirror: "When we launched the advert we wanted to reflect some of the different customers that stay in Travelodge hotels.

"To do this we created puppets called the Travelodgicals, with the cast including a business customer, a family, and an older and younger couple.

"It appears that one of the Travelodgicals looks like David Cameron to some people, but we can assure everyone this was not our intention.

"Max was designed to look like a family customer who might be visiting a Travelodge with his wife and children - although we would of course welcome the Prime Minister and his family into any one of our 504 UK hotels to experience our new modern rooms and king-size Travelodge Dreamer beds."

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