Daily Express Headline About Waterpark Enforcing Islamic Dress Omits One Major Detail

There's One Very Important Detail Missing From This Daily Express Headline

A certain section of the internet has been in uproar over the weekend after it was revealed a waterpark in Stoke-on-Trent is to ban bikinis and enforce the wearing of 'Islamically appropriate' clothes.

The headline provoked a torrent of disgust...

The article goes on the outline that "only female lifeguards will patrol the park" and staff will guard the entrances to make sure no males enter.

But anyone who read further than the headline would have realised the dress-code applies for one-night only when the park has been hired out by a group of woman who are funding the event themselves.

Further, the session is being held outside of normal opening hours meaning regular visitors would not in any way be affected.

There is also no mention of burkas despite the picture accompanying the Express article.

A WaterWorld statement said: "We pride ourselves in having the adaptability and diversity to cater to demands of our guests.

"This is a female-only event and is not specific to any ethnic or religious group."

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