'Flip Your Lips' Campaign Raises Awareness Of Cervical Screening Through Beauty Selfies

Ladies, Will You 'Flip Your Lips' To Raise Awareness Of Smear Tests?
Red Lippy Project

Cervical cancer is the 12th most common cancer among women in the UK, and the third most common gynaecological cancer.

Meanwhile, in 2011 there were 3,100 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed, which is more than eight women per day.

Despite these worrying figures, in the past three years, just one third of 25-29 year olds went for a smear test.

And this just isn't good enough.

To raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening - and to coincide with Cervical Screening Awareness Week - Red Lippy Project has launched a powerful campaign encouraging young women to get tested with a theme that we can all totally get on board with...

The 'Flip Your Lips' campaign wants women to snap a selfie of themselves sporting a "startling red lip", flip their pout pic and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #FlipYourLips.

The aim is to link feminine beauty with women's health in a way that will eradicate stigma surrounding cervical screening.

Red Lippy Project co-founders Caroline Muhlich and Linda Andersson said: "If we can get women talking about Red Lippy Project and cervical screening it will lead to more and more making the effort to get tested.

"These tests are free, easily available on the NHS and are an effective way to avoid developing cervical cancer. It’s time to spread the word and fight back against cervical cancer together."

Snap a #FlipYourLips selfie on Instagram, include @HuffPostUKLifestyle and we'll regram the best ones!

Put your best pout forward.

#flipyourlips for cervical cancer awareness :) #redlippyproject#awareness#red#cervical

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#FlipYourLips for Cervical Screening Awareness week!! @redlippyproject I NOMINATE @alicemkj @lottiekingdon

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