Mother's Lego Request For Son With Autism's Birthday Goes Viral Resulting In Incredible Donation Of Gifts

Facebook/Sandy Himsl

A Minnesota mother's plea to make her 10-year-old son's birthday the best ever has become a viral hit, leaving her inundated with packages of Lego from all over the world.

Sandy Himsl's son, Zechariah, lives with autism, along with a host of sensory and behavioural issues. He's home-schooled because of his problems, and doesn't have many friends.

Last year for his birthday, Zechariah thought it would be cool if all his peers brought a piece of Lego, so they could build something together. But when no one showed up, he was left short of Lego for his creation.

OK Facebook world, this will be a little lengthy but I hope you stick with me and are able to help.As many of you know...

Posted by Sandy Himsl on Monday, 1 June 2015

Determined that her son wouldn't be left broken-hearted on his birthday again, Sandy took to Facebook to ask if anyone was able to send a little note and one piece of lego. Her goal was to get 50 blocks, little did she know that the internet had bigger ideas...

Sandy's post was shared over 16,000 times and she's since received hundreds of packages from as far as Sweden, Chile and Thailand.

I checked the mail and all I can do right now is sob the happiest mommy sobs. You are showing him the good in the world,...

Posted by Sandy Himsl on Monday, 8 June 2015

Sandy wrote on her Facebook page: "The last two weeks have been such an unexpected whirlwind. Nick and myself are so overwhelmingly thankful for everyone's willingness to make sure a boy, that most of you have never met, gets to finally have an incredibly special birthday.

"The couple of seconds everyone took to share my post has given our family so much love and hope. I am forever grateful and will spend out life doing everything we can to pay it forward."

After the huge success of the initial post, Sandy was inundated with requests to attend a real-life party for Zechariah, so she created a public Facebook event that already has over 190 attendees.