'Big Brother' Eviction: Chloe Wilburn Nominated By 'Time Warp' Housemates

Another 'BB' Housemate Faces The Chop

Chloe Wilburn has become the second ‘Big Brother’ housemate to face the public vote in this week’s eviction.


On Monday, Chloe was nominated by ‘Time Warp’ housemates Brian Belo, Helen Wood, Nikki Grahame and Marc O’Neill, who had surprised the housemates a night earlier by returning to the house, following last weekend’s fake eviction.

Chloe initially claimed she “had a feeling” she would be nominated, but later broke down in front of the group, protesting: “What’s wrong with being normal? It don’t make me boring.

Chloe Wilburn

“It’s not the first time that it’s come up that I least deserve it and I just feel like I do deserve it.”

Of course, as you may remember from last year’s series, Helen isn’t exactly allergic to the sound of her own voice, so continually interrupted Chloe while she defended herself, much to the chagrin of Brian.

He told Helen: “That’s not fair. We have just nominated her. We should give her the benefit of the doubt and let her say what she wants to say otherwise we are just picking on this girl.”

However, she didn’t care for his choice of words either, leading to a row between the two ‘legends’.

Oh dear.

Helen, Brian and Nikki

Chloe will now go up against with Harry Amelia, who was chosen by the four ‘Time Warp’ housemates earlier this week, with one of them potentially getting the boot in Friday’s live show.

Tune into ‘Big Brother’ at 10pm on Channel 5 to find out how the rest of the housemates dealt with the new development.

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