Reality TV Star Courts More Publicity

Reality TV Star Courts More Publicity

An ageing reality TV star moved to increase his public exposure on Tuesday, telling people in the lobby of a tall building in New York that he will participate in nationally televised popularity contest.

To get ahead in the contest, which lasts 18 months, the reality TV star pretended to like poor people and soldiers, but was really interested in promoting a book he paid someone write and some golf courses he paid people to build.

Reality TV star wants more publicity

The man, who owns hotels around the world, said he really didn’t like foreigners, which a lot of people in the lobby liked because it made them feel superior. He also called Mexicans rapists because that makes him popular with people who don't own books.

The 69-year-old had promised to take part in the same contest four years ago but pulled out after telling people a politician wasn't born in the place he said he was.

Throughout the speech, the reality TV star pretended not to be wearing false hair, even though everyone knew he was.


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