Elephants In Belgium Zoo Swing To Classical Violin Music

Musically-inclined elephants are swinging their trunks to the sound of violins in Belgium.

Keepers at Pairi Daiza Zoo are preparing for a series of classical music concerts and want to make sure the mammals won't be worried by the sounds.

But far from anxious, the tusked creatures have been filmed happily swaying to the harmonious tones and at one point two were even seen moving in unison.

The elephants enjoyed the harmonious tunes

The violinists Jean-François Chamberlan and Anne Pingen are from Belgium's Royal Chamber Orchestra.

The zoo is not their usual performance arena but judging from the elephants' reaction they may well be called back for an encore.

Nico Vanhee, a spokesperson for the zoo, told Buzzfeed News: "We were amazed at how the elephants were swinging their trunks in time with the music.

“The lions didn’t appreciate it and one monkey climbed on the instruments to stop the musician playing”.

The video was posted to the zoo’s Facebook page and has already been viewed more than 190,000 times.

In May the zoo celebrated the birth of an Asian baby elephant, and this was a particularly important event as the species is endangered in the wild.

There are now eleven Asian elephants at the Pairi Daiza Zoo.

The zoo has a number of scientific initiatives which include breeding programmes for endangered species and providing the most suitable infrastructure and enrichment for the of animals.