Digital artist Dries Depoorter has created a new bot which tells Belgian politicians to "pls stay focused!"
Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are among the countries that have placed restrictions on travel from the UK.
Belgium is being used by Britain as a template for new rules. But a second wave could swamp Johnson's 'light touch' curbs.
People arriving from these countries will need to quarantine for 14 days from Saturday.
The city in the East Midlands has been in a localised lockdown since June 30.
Tristan Van den Bosch was driving to work, looking at a man shouting three floors up to his mother at a nearby building. He had the idea of using cranes to lift people, so they can see relatives on the upper floors without entering the building. Van den Bosch has been driving his cranes to homes in several towns across Belgium ever since, hoisting whole families to their relatives' windows.
She is the youngest known victim in Europe so far. It is not known whether she had any underlying health conditions.
Police said they included eight women and 31 men. A 25-year-old, named in reports as Mo Robinson from Portadown, is being questioned on suspicion of murder.
The fires have spread to around 3 million hectares of mostly remote forest, an area almost the size of Belgium.