How Long Will You Live For? This Life Expectancy Calculator Can Help You Plan For The Future

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A new life expectancy calculator from the Office for National Statistics gives people a rough indication of how long they could live for, while also offering an insight into how long their pensions would need to last.

According to the ONS, those who are currently in their twenties and thirties could surpass 90. While those in their fifties are more likely to reach their mid-to-late 80s.

A 20-year-old male is expected to live until they are 89 years old. Meanwhile a 20-year-old female is expected to outlive her male counterparts and reach 92.

People in their forties are also expected to reach their late eighties, with the differences between men and women's mortality rates being three years - ages 87 and 90, respectively.

Those who are in their fifties will, on average, live to see their mid-to-late 80s. And of this age group, just one in 10 men and one in five women will reach 100.

The ONS said that the tool is particularly useful for planning pensions and other financial arrangements later on in life.

"Being more informed about how much longer you potentially have to live is no bad thing, especially when it comes to financial planning," they explained.

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