Meet Matilda, The Cat That Looks Like An Alien And Has 40,000 Instagram Followers

This is Matilda. She's two years old and has big bulbous eyes that make her look more like an alien cat than an earthling cat.

Her unusual look has made her something of a feline celebrity, attracting some 40,000 Instagram followers (ourselves included).

"I am a visitor here. Pay attention to me," her Instagram account reads. "Have you seen anyone else that looks like this? I'm seeking my kind."

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Her owners first noticed there was something wrong when one of her eyes started squinting, earning her the unfortunate nickname 'Quasimodo', according to her website.

Shortly afterwards her right pupil became enlarged, but by the time she arrived at the vets with her owners it had reduced back to its normal size.

Matilda suffers from lens luxation, which has caused her lenses to become detached and has left her blind in both eyes. According to her owners (and the vet), she is in no pain and lives a happy life.

Matilda is a rescue cat and, after much searching, her owners were able to track down her siblings - two of whom have also developed similar eye problems.

Her owners have considered surgery to remove the lenses, but decided against it. Due to collagen deficiency related to the disorder, it is very difficult for her to heal from injuries and surgery.

"No matter what happens, her servants think she’s perfect and beautiful," say Matilda’s owners on her website. "and will love and care for her the absolute best way that they can for however long this little alien is here."

Her owners have now set up a fundraising page to help other animals with health conditions. Find out more here.