Office 'Cat Library' Lets Employees Play With Felines While Helping Get Them Re-Homed

A Cat Library Exists And It's The Best Thing Ever

We've officially found the best thing since sliced bread: an office with a 'cat library'.

The way it works is simple: employees rock up to the cat library, "check out" a cat for an hour or two and take them back to their desk for mega-fun, kitty-stroking times.

I mean, seriously, OMG.

When Reddit user, Loocylooo (aka Tiffany Tillison) told the internet about her sweet work set-up, she quickly became the envy of cat lovers around the globe.

But amazingly, the initiative isn't just about pleasing us humans because cats are cute and we love to cuddle them. It's mutually beneficial, as more than 100 cats have been re-homed since it opened.

Tillison wrote on Reddit: "I work for a county government. Because so many people come to our building every day, the animal shelter put in a huge condo for cats and kittens that are in need of homes.

"The employees get to take them to their desk as a way to get them used to human interaction, and they also found that employee satisfaction went through the roof. Win-win!"

She told BuzzFeed News that the partnership between her workplace and the local animal shelter has helped to improve adoption rates, especially as most animal shelters are "out of the way" and, as a result, people don't go out of their way to visit them.

"But with this program, hundreds of people come through our lobby every day," she revealed. "So they can’t miss seeing them!"

While it does sound like an absolute productivity killer (we'd be playing with them constantly), we can't help but feel that more offices need to get on board with the idea.

Starting with ours...

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