'Big Brother': Brian Belo BLASTS Helen Wood, After Cristian MJC Is Nominated For Eviction

'BB' Brian BLASTS Helen In Another Furious Row

After getting so riled up by Helen Wood he had to spend the night in the ‘Big Brother’ bunker, Brian Belo returns to the main house in Wednesday’s highlights show, but all is not well.


Brian previously admitted he’d been so wound up by Helen that he wanted to leave the house, but ultimately changed his mind, though it sounds like he’s not ready to make amends with his fellow ‘BB’ winner.

Slating Helen in the Diary Room, Brian says: “The hypocriticalness of Helen. She has a go at Harry for wearing a thong but she was a prostitute. She doesn’t want people to judge her but it’s ok for her to judge everyone else.

Brian Belo

“And Marc’s a stripper! They are far from magnificent but they seem to think that they are.”

Hypocriticalness? Really, Brian? ‘Hypocriticalness’. OK. We think you might mean 'hypocrisy'... but OK.

He then returns to the house, just in time to learn that Cristian MJC is the third housemate picked to face eviction, alongside the already-nominated Chloe Wilburn and Harry Amelia, leading Brian to have another row with Helen.

Helen claims that Cristian was nominated because they need to “think about entertainment value”, Brian responds bluntly with: “The only entertainment you bring is nastiness. Eat shit.”

Helen Wood

OUCH! No punches pulled there.

Chloe, Cristian and Harry will face the public vote in this Friday’s eviction, alongside two other housemates who are yet to be announced.

Tune into Wednesday’s ‘Big Brother’, at 10pm on Channel 5, to find out how Cristian reacts to his nomination.

Cristian MJC

Cristian MJC


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