Madonna's 'Bitch I'm Madonna' Music Video Features Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj And Kanye West... But Not Like We Thought

So remember when Madonna teased her “star-studded” ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ video, featuring A-listers like Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj?

Well, the video has finally landed, but the celebrity appearances aren’t quite what we had in mind…


Sadly, the music video is currently exclusive to Tidal, so unless you’re one of the fives of tens of people to sign up to the music streaming service, you’ll have to take our word for it, which her fans are totally thrilled about, as you can see...

Luckily for you, we've now seen the video, so we can tell you that while all the celebrities Madonna had previously teased are present and correct - in addition to others she hadn’t previously mentioned, like Kanye West, her youngest son, David, and, curiously, comedian Chris Rock - not all of them are actually in the room with her.

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Madonna teased the video earlier this week

Yes, in fact, the majority of the celebrity “cameos” are actually just close-up shots of the various celebrities mouthing the words “Bitch I’m Madonna”, which is still quite impressive given most of their A-list statuses, but isn’t quite on ‘Bad Blood’ levels of… well… actually being in the same room with Madonna, at the same time.

Even Nicki Minaj, who provides a go-hard-or-go-home rap on the track, doesn’t actually appear with the Queen of Pop in the video, instead showing up on a plasma screen which Madonna then dances in front of.

Still, at least Madonna could count on Rita ‘Publicity Shy’ Ora to show up for her on the day…

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A preview clip of 'Bitch I'm Madonna'

Don't get us wrong, the music video is good enough, Madonna's dancing is fantastic and it's great to see her enjoying herself so much... but these celebrity "cameos" are quite the letdown.

‘Bitch I’m Madonna’, co-produced by Diplo, acts as the third single from Madonna’s latest album, ‘Rebel Heart’.

To promote the release, Madonna will be heading on a world tour later this year, kicking off in Montreal this September.

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