Father's Day Is The Perfect Time For These Embarrassing Dad Moments

It's the time of the year when we celebrate everything that our dads have provided to us over the years.

And that includes those moments we'd all much rather forget...

From dad-dancing to terrible jokes, this video highlights some of the worst offenders in embarrassing parent history.

One woman reflects on her embarrassing dad

The most excruciating dad moment has to go to a man who used to go fishing with his father.

The man reflected on the time in his childhood when his father would bait the hooks.

Once the rods were loaded, one of his friends took the opportunity to shriek: "You are the master baiter".

Another woman recalls all the face-reddening times that her old man used to dress up and perform as Elvis Presley.

It's not just us mortals who are shamed by our dads. Even David Beckham, probably one of the coolest men on the planet, is a source of total embarrassment to his son Brooklyn.

Keep it up, Becks!