Father's Day: 17 Superhero Dads Who Saved The Day

With dads like these guys, there's no need for a Superman in these children's lives.

In celebration of Father's Day watch these incredible men use their extreme reflexes and eagle-eyed vision to keep their little ones from strife.

These are the guys that catch you one handed when you misjudge that swing-set and that run full-speed to protect you from falling head-first into the ocean.

I can do it I can do it... I can.... *falls off*

Because sometimes dads are the only ones that can save the day.

These amazing superhero skills are not often caught on camera, but this hilarious video perfectly captures the essence of our wonderful fathers.

We salute you dads, step-dads, future dads and granddads... keep saving the world one catch at a time and happy Father's Day!

PS If you were wondering how to repay your father for all his life-saving skills then check out these awesome gift ideas:

Fathers Day Gift Ideas


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