Tough Mudder Race Is Brutal But Fun And Here's What You Need To Know

9 Things You Need To Know About Doing A Tough Mudder

It's Sunday evening and already today I've been electrocuted, submerged in freezing water and made to run 12 miles.

What's more, I did it all voluntarily.

Would you like to see what it's like to be hit with 10,000 volts? Of course you would...


This is of course, one of the fabled Tough Mudder events and not some horrible Stasi-esque dystopian nightmare. And despite that look on my face I actually enjoyed it.

The Tough Mudder events have a reputation - and rightly so - as one of the most difficult endurance events open to the general public.

So if you're considering doing one let me pass on what I learned...

It's 10-12 miles long

Tough Mudder

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