Zara Phillips Being Shamed For Her 'Mum Tum' Is Just Not On - #HP Mums Have Their Say

Motherhood is a great leveller among women - Zara Phillips may be a royal, but her body has gone through the same upheaval any woman's has after giving birth.

Some people don't quite feel that this is right. In fact, the media speculated that she may in fact be pregnant, and created such a storm in a teacup, her spokesperson needed to issue a statement stating that she wasn't in fact so.

What some people call 'mum tum', we'd call it housing another human being and your body going through a major physical change. As if it wasn't bad enough that Phillips had to go on public record to say her post-baby weight was just that, the Daily Mail have written an article about her "bulging belly".

In it, writer Helen Carroll, even ponders whether the princess has 'diastasis recti', a condition which is caused by the stretching of the rectus abdominis by the growing uterus.

Andrea Dalziel wrote: "If my mum tum was that size I'd be in hot pants and a crop top!" while Naomi Pickett said: "Erm, she's normal!"

Philips also proved to be an inspiration to some mums with Emma Stephenson adding "I admire her confidence!" and Bridget Daley said: "...She doesn't make other mums feel guilty because they can't lose their weight straight away."

A few agreed with Daley, saying that it was reassuring that Philips was normal. As for those wondering whether or not she's alright to represent the UK at the Rio 2016 Olympics, we'll leave it to our reader Louise Barbour:

"As a rider and mum of two young children, having a mum Tum doesn't stop you being fit. There are and have been women at the top of the sport for years all with different body shapes. Zara is a true professional. I don't doubt her commitment to Rio in the slightest."

Lastly, we feel Louise Hays sums it up best: "Think her face says how many fucks she gives."

Too right.

Zara Phillips