National Kissing Day 2015: Third Of Brits Flagged For Having Bad Breath By Their Partners

'Do You Want A Tic-Tac?' 31% Told They Have Bad Breath By Their Partners

Looking to pucker up for National Kissing Day?

If you've got even the slightest hint of rank breath, then be prepared to hear all about it from your other half.

A new survey by CB12 found that 31% of people had been told by their partner that their breath was bad. (Well, they do say that honesty is the best policy.)

Unsurprisingly, the report revealed that 46% were left incredibly embarrassed by the news, while 18% were ashamed and 3% found it hilarious.

Many couples noted that romantic dinners were often the trigger. In fact, more than two thirds of participants said that garlic was the main culprit.

And for those who love to guzzle the sugary drinks and cake, you can't hide because apparently that's also to blame.

Dentist Luke Thorley said: "I often see patients who are embarrassed by their foul breath, to the extent that it is limiting their social life and causing them to talk with hands over their mouths."

He shared his three top tips for keeping your breath fresh:

:: Chew sugar-free gum.

:: Stay hydrated. This helps to increase saliva flow and help wash away food particles. Additionally, dehydration causes oral bacteria to thrive resulting in production of malodorous gases.

:: Check your breath. According to Thorley, licking the inside of your wrist with the back part of your tongue is the best way to test your breath. Who knew?

Now get out there and get smooching already!

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