Destiny Is Down For Maintenance For Six Hours From 4PM UK Time

People of the gaming world, don't panic. Destiny is only down for maintenance. Bungie confirmed via Twitter that the blockbuster game would be offline from 4PM UK time for up to six hours.

Unsurprisingly there are those that didn't get the message, prompting thousands to turn to Twitter to find out why their favourite game had stopped working.

Of course as always the ex-Halo developers had a great response to those that hadn't realised the game was deliberately offline.

While Destiny regularly undergoes routine maintenance it's quite rare for the entire game to go offline on all of its formats.

While Bungie haven't specified why they're doing such major work it seems logical that it could have something to do with the massive new expansion that's being released in September.

Destiny: The Taken King will launch offering three new special powers for characters.

Destiny: The Taken King will be the largest expansion release for Destiny yet, adding almost an entirely new game's worth of content including new maps, a massive new single player campaign and new weapons and characters.

Unveiled at E3 2015, The Taken King is expected to be a return to narrative for the game after some criticised that while it featured strong gameplay, the storyline was somewhat lacking in previous updates.

The Taken King will be released on the 15 September and will be available as either a stand-alone purchase or in a Legendary Edition that'll incorporate the new update along with both smaller expansions and the original Destiny game.