Magician Uses Hair Dryers To Make Paper Planes Fly Forever

Hair dryers are not only beautiful things but highly underestimated, if this video from French magician Antoine Terrieux is anything to go by.

As part of an art exhibition in Maison Des Jonglages (House of Juggling) in La Courneuve, France Terriex cleverly arranged six nondescript hair dryers in such a way that the stream of air coming from each device could keep the paper plane flying forever, or for as long as the power is switched on.

As well as paper planes, the magician's sextet of hair dryers has also created a series of gravity defying stunts involving free floating thread and balls.

The exhibition took place last year but Terriex has just released the video for all to enjoy.

Hair dryers appear to be a regular feature in all his shows, often allowing him to keep more than one ball in the air which he invariably swallows -- yes it is weird but that's the point.

If you're not into using updrafts from electrical devices to keep all your balls in the air, the video is still a great opportunity to appreciate the humble hair dryer, which we so often take for granted.